Monday, September 14, 2015

execute to parse ratio explained by TOM KYTE

If the number of parse calls is near the number of execute calls, then this ratio drifts towards zero (as yours is). As the number of execute calls increases (while holding parse calls constant), this number drifts towards 100%. That means you have parsed a statement ONCE and executed it MANY TIMES (that is good, that is best) .

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Parse CPU to Parse Elapsd % : which value is good ?

Low Value for this ratio is an indicator of latching problem. Investigate the Latch Sections in AWR and Statspack report for contention on library cache and shared pool latches.

Ideally Parse Elapsed must be equal to Parse CPU, i.e., only CPU time is used for parsing. In that case the ratio is 100%. If wait time is more then the ratio will be less.

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